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So I've racked up a pretty extensive 'everyday nude' collection of lipsticks, glosses and liners that I could not live without! I keep all of them in a little Ted Baker makeup case in my bag at all times cause you just never know when you might want to change your lip colour throughout the day yeknow? I like to have a bit of variety and to mix it up so here's my everyday favorites. I've devised them into 4 categories, nude-nudes, brown nudes, pink nudes & glosses. Hope you enjoyyy!


L-R - MAC 'Velvet Teddy', 'Peach Stock''Honey Love' & 'Myth'

MAC 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick - Obviously don't need to say much about this as who doesn't own Velvet Teddy after the whole Kylie saga? Gorgeous color, especially paired with Spice lip pencil. 

MAC 'Peach Stock' Lipstick - One of my absolute favorite shades! So so gorgeous and I always receive lots of compliments when I wear it! One of my friends even went out and bought it the first time she saw me wear it as she loved it so much! The Peach Stock above is a new purchase as I lost my other one haha 
hence why its not been used much yet!

MAC 'Honey LoveLipstick - Such a gorgeous nude lipstick and definitely another one of my favorite nudes! MAC describe it as a "light beige toned with rose" which I totally agree with, Its not too nude but not too dark either and does have slight pink undertones. Its just such a perfect nude shade. When I first bought this I literally wore it all the time - hence how tiny it is now! I usually team this with MAC Spice lip pencil.

MAC 'MythLipstick - This is definitely not a color for everyone as its so so pale but it does look absolutely gorgeous on some people. Great color to lighten a lipstick that's too dark or even to do an ombre lip with.


L-R - MAC 'Whirl', 'Twig' & Gerard Cosmetics '1995'

MAC 'Whirl' Lipstick - I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Whirl, sometimes I love it and other times I'm just not so sure. Currently I love it and have enjoyed wearing it a lot recently but other times I'm like 'mehh' it looks absolutely gorgeous on other people though, especially darker skin tones.

MAC 'Twig' Lipstick - Twig is pretty similar to Brave and Creme In Your Coffee, Brave is probably about 2 shades of a lighter pink and CIYC is more brown whereas Twig is more brown-pink. Again if you own one of these 3 shades you probably don't need the other 2. I loved Twig when I first bought it but it has been neglected of late as I've found new favorites since purchasing it. Still a gorgeous shade though.

Gerard Cosmetics '1995' Lipstick - Again this color is really similar to Twig and CIYC but I feel like I like this a lot more than both of them. Maybe because its a matte whereas Twig is a Satin and CIYC is a cremesheen.


L-R - Rimmel Kate Moss '08', MAC 'Creme In Your Coffee''Faux''Brave' & 'Viva Glam II'

Rimmel Kate Moss '08' - Gorgeous color and looks great paired with Soar lip pencil. Bargain at £5.49 also!

MAC 'Creme In Your Coffee' Lipstick - This color is so so similar to Whirl, you definitely don't need to own the 2 of these they are that similar! Whirl is more of a brown whereas Creme In Your Coffee is more pink-brown however Whirl is a matte and CIYC is a cremesheen so adds a slight glossy look to the lips.

MAC 'Faux' Lipstick - Faux is a gorgeous pinky nude. I usually team this with MAC Soar lip pencil and a pinky gloss and it always looks so nice!

MAC 'Brave' Lipstick - Brave is a gorgeous pink-beige, I always pair this with Soar lip pencil and it looks gorgeous.

MAC 'Viva Glam II' - Again, a bit of a love/hate with this one. It looks absolutely STUNNING on other people but sometimes just not as stunning on me, haha. I still enjoy it though and wear it anyway.


L-R - Nars 'Chelsea Girls', Nars 'Sweet Revenge', Urban Decay 'Nooner' & Urban Decay 'Liar'

Nars 'Chelsea Girls' Lip GlossI absolutely LOVE Nars lip glosses, the consistency, the applicator, EVERYTHING. This is a gorgeous pink shade with slight bits of shimmer throughout. So gorgeous. Modesty, Soar lip pencil and this lip gloss is LIFE.

Nars 'Sweet Revenge' Lip Gloss -  Sweet Revenge has been my favorite for years and this is like the 3rd tube of it I've bought which just shows how much I love it as I don't tend to love lip gloss or really run out of any cause I barely use them! Such a gorgeous peachy-nude shade. Really pigmented so could easily be worn on its own for a nice natural glossy look.

Urban Decay Naked 'Nooner' Lipgloss - Gorgeous browny-nude lip gloss. So pigmented so you can definitely wear this color on its own however I usually team it with a nude lipstick such as Velvet Teddy.

Urban Decay Naked 'Liar' Lipgloss - Gorgeous mauvey-pink shade, probably only about 1 or 2 shades darker than 'Chelsea Girls' so purchasing both probably isnt necessary. Same as Nooner this gloss is super pigmented to wear on its own.

Probably should have called this post "My everyday MAC lip collection' but however... What are your favorite nudes? I'd love to find out - as you can see I do love a nudeyyy.

Lots of Love,
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