Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I’m sure most of you have read and saw a million posts on cosmetic enhancements by now but as my appointment was fairly recent I thought I’d share my experience anyway for anyone who may be interested.

Now before we jump right into this post I'd just like to say that everybody's experience will be different as everyone's pain tolerance is different and I am in no way saying that everyone should go out and get lip injections or any procedures for that matter. Cosmetic procedures are a personal thing and there is always risks involved so never go through with any cosmetic enhancement procedures just because someone else has and if you are determined to go through with something to make YOURSELF happier then always do your research!

I’d had lip injections done once before in August 2015 and had gotten 0.5ml of Juvederm which is also known as a ‘Juvederm smile’ I loved having them done as I always overdraw my lips and it just made it a lot easier having a bit more lip to play with. Here are some before and after’s of the first treatment..

As you can see both images are of me smiling but on the right you can see that my top lip is much bigger than the left. I've obviously overlined them but in the left image I've also overlined them so it just shows how much more lip I've got to play with on the right image.

Having lip injections is pretty pricey and as I was only working part time at the time I couldn’t afford to have them topped up every so often – hence why it’s taken so long for me to have them done again! I always knew I’d get them done again so since I was working more hours and one of my friends was going to get hers done I decided now was the perfect time.

I contacted the Elanic Glasgow clinic to make my appointment and they told me I’d have to come in for a consultation before my appointment which I thought was a good thing as it meant I could discuss what I wanted beforehand. The consultation only lasted about 10 minutes and involved filling in paper work about health & safety, medication and allergies etc. The nurse was nice and spoke to me about the different fillers and recommended either using Juvederm or Belotero. I ended up opting for Belotero as she spoke slightly more highly of that product.

When I arrived at my appointment it was a different nurse from my consultation (but I knew that prior to my appointment anyway!) but she was really nice and chatty and put me at ease straight away. She applied some numbing cream to my lips which feels so weird, kinda like when you have a clay mask on your face and you can’t smile properly, it feels like if you smile your lips might burst haha. She left that on for a while and ran through my paper work making sure all the information was still accurate. At my consultation the first nurse had recommended Belotero Intense however she said that she was happier to use Belotero Balance as it was slightly cheaper in price and she felt the intense would be too much for me which I was fine with. She then wiped off the excess cream and began the injections.

She began on the right side of my top lip and it was amazing at first as I couldn’t feel anything! Even at the cupids bow (which most people find quite painful) it wasn’t that bad, however when she got to the left side of my top lip I could feel the needle go in and pull out. That probably sounds horrible but it honestly isn’t even that bad! My eyes watered slightly at that point but it was fine. When she moved on to the bottom lip I found this more ‘painful’ and I say that as it’s still not that painful, it’s a very tolerable pain in my opinion. I'd actually say having your eyebrows threaded is a worse pain than lip injections haha.

It was over and done with fairly quickly, maybe after about 15 minutes and I experienced absolutely no pain afterwards. It wasn’t until the next night that some bruising started to appear; I always wear lipstick anyway so it didn’t bother me but the bruising did last for a week although the first time I got my lips done I was left with no bruising so I suppose it's just your luck! However, In my opinion the bruising wasn’t bad looking at all but if lip injections are something you’re considering but you don’t wear lip products on a day to day basis I suppose that’s a con to consider when going to work etc.

The top left picture is my lips on the 23rd of December at 12.23am when the bruising first started to appear. The next 2 images were also taken on the 23rd but at 9.30pm. The image furthest to the left on the middle row was taken on the 24th and the next 2 were the 25th. The bottom row furthest to the left was the 26th, the middle the 27th and the last was the 29th when the bruising had really faded.

All in all if it’s something that will make you feel happier and more confident then go for it, the procedure doesn’t last long and it really isn’t bad in terms of pain but please make sure to always do your research beforehand to stay safe!

I hope this information was useful for anyone thinking of having this type of enhancement done.

Lots of Love,

X o